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App developer: Maulik Raviya
Special thanks to

12cp group,

Sushil Yadav

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We have included tons of features into this app by taking feedback from our users and we'll keep improving this app to its very limit.

100% Free

Yes it is completely free to use. No ads at all. Your happiness is our only revenue.

Share music

You can share any song from anywhere in the app with your friends with easy share option.

Multiple Queues

Musicolet is the only android music player which provides multiple queue feature. With this feature you can create/modify multiple queues while listing from another queue with ease.


App is compact and is less than 2MB.

Made with Love

Created beautifully with love so that you could enjoy best experience.

Sleep timer

You can set the timer for music to stop. Dedicated to all the people who put their earphones in and go to sleep. This eventually saves your battery life.

Happy users says...

Here is what people say about the app

“Just keeps getting better. Nice 1. Keeps putting some of the paid apps to shame. 5 stars all the way.”

Steve Nilsen

“This is the One!!!! Lighest Music Player ever with tones of features.”

Shubham Patel

“Amazing app that doubled the joy of listening to music...”

Hareendra Baraiya

“It's too good Finally got what I want this is the most important app for me in my life.... because I am music lover so I search each and every app installed and play but there is no any other scenes is like that thank you for the great development I am sure this is the one of the best app thank you guys keep it up. ”

satyajit suryawanshi

“Best music app uses till date✌. Great work done”

Bhadresh Chauhan

“Its covers all functionalities which i need . Great job.”

Vikas Rathod